Welcome to your Abel's Dashboard!

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At your dashboard you will find lots of different tools you will can use to help stay organized and in touch with what is going on withing your company.

To the right you will see a simple agenda to keep you in touch with important dates that are coming up in the company. 

The "Files" tab houses lots of documents, some to be used on a daily basis and some that may only need referenced at certain times. This is your go to spot to make sure that you have the most up to date documents in use.

The "Notifications" tab is a easy way to check and see if there has been any responses to messages that you have posted in the "Messages" forum.

The "Snag-a-Job", "RTO Training", and "Amcon" tabs are all just simple links that'll take you to the corresponding site.

"Messages" is a simple forum that you can use to easily communicate with all stores in regards to any product inventory issues you may be having. This could be and over stock of a particular items or maybe you are selling an item well and want to offer to take some from somebody. Here you can make that request for all to see and organize a transfer. You can then communicate with your supervisor to process your transfer.


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