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used for several years as a warehouse. Between the station and the Post office was a small brick building once used by Mr. Mitchell as a monument works. This was also acquired and later was torn down to provide additional space.


In 1951, the Duvall Bulk Plant and Agency at Clarksville was sold to Abel Brothers. In 1952, they purchased the MoonWinx Shell Station at Bowling Green from Mr. Claude Shaon and shortly thereafter the Shell Station at Eolia.


At this time, having become Shell agents and distributors the Abel brothers incorporated and changed their identification to Abel Oil Company and Abel Realty Company. Alfred was named president,, Charles, vice-president, and Ray, Secretary and treasurer.

Charles took charge of the Bowling Green operation, Alfred the oil company, the bulk plants and the farm business, and Ray stayed at Fifth and Georgia until he retired in 1961.

In 1957 the Shell Agency in Hannibal was acquired from Miller Brothers along with their bulk plant in Oakwood, tank trucks, and equipment, farm and commercial trade. Subsequently, the three Shell stations in Hannibal, along with one at Palmyra, were acquired.

In Louisiana, they took over the Sinclair Stations at the bridge and on South Highway 79, bought the Standard Oil bulk plants in Louisiana and Clarksville, and built a new office, warehouse, and bulk plant on property south of town on Highway 79.


Alfred retired, and Charles became President and sole owner and operator of Abel Oil Company. At this time, Nancy S. Abel became the secretary.


In the mid-1970's, Abel Oil Company began an expansion program designed to acquire additional gasoline stations or to utilize presently owned stations for the purpose of converting them for use as "convenience stores". By September of 1980, with the opening of business at a newly acquired and remodeled location at Elsberry, Missouri, the company was operating six of these stores. Plans were to continue the expansion program at the rate of approximately two stores per year.


In 1980 James H. Redhage was made vice-president with Charles M. Abel continuing as President and Nancy S. Abel as secretary.


The 1980’s brought significant expansion for Abel Oil Company in the relatively new convenience store industry. In the spring of 1982, the property was acquired and business began in Vandalia, Missouri. Paris, Missouri followed in the fall of 1982. The balance of the 80’s saw Abel Oil Company add 2 locations in Louisiana, 2 in Hannibal and a location in Monroe City. In November of 1986, company co-founder and owner, Charles M. Abel, died unexpectedly. Nancy S. Abel continued as Corporate Secretary and sole owner. James H. Redhage was named President, and Charles and Nancy’s son, Mark M. Abel, was named Vice-President.


Continued expansion in the 1990’s added locations in New London, New Florence and 2 locations in Mexico. In the late 90’s, all locations were remodeled and re-imaged to the current Shell image standards. These renovations included a complete rebuild of the Vandalia and Palmyra locations. In 1993, Randall Anderson joined the management of Abel Oil as the CFO and Corporate treasurer.


A location was added at Wright City in 2001, and the fourth location in Hannibal opened in May of 2005. In May 2012, Joe's Jug in Louisiana, Missouri was acquired by Abel Oil Company. The Phillips 66 station was converted to a Shell Station. In the summer of 2019 more than 3 feet of water entered Abel's small store sout of Louisiana due to flooding from the Mississippi. After deliberation the though decision had to be made to not reopen this location. Currently, the company operates 18 convenience stores, a bulk plant at its home office in Louisiana, its own fuel transportation fleet of 3 transports, and has an employment of over 200 people.


In November 2008, James H Redhage died after a battle with colon cancer. Charles and Nancy’s son, Mark M. Abel was named President and Randall L Anderson was named Vice President and continues as CFO.


Charlie Abel

President   1957-1986

Charlie was born in Pike County, Missouri, November of 1923, the son of Ben and Maude Abel and they preceded him in death. Charlie was raised and lived in the St. Clement area until his family suffered the loss of their family farm and they were forced to move to St. Louis. The great depression had an impact on Charlie's boyhood. Growing up he never had an opportunity to attend school past the 8th grade. At the young age of 19, he was running a gas station in Louisiana, Missouri and was drafted into World War II. In 1945 he returned from the war and continued to run a gas station with his brothers Ray and Al. During Charlie's spare time he enjoyed quail hunting, fishing, golf, gardening, and traveling.


Jim Redhage

James was born in Pike County, Missouri on January 30, 1939, the son of Herbert and Velma Jessup Redhage and they preceded him in death. James was raised and lived in the Bowling Green area all of his life where he graduated from Bowling Green High School in 1956. He then furthered his education graduating from Culver Stockton College with a degree in Business Administration. He worked for Carnation Milk Company for a short time before beginning with Abel Oil Company in October of 1962. Mr. Redhage held several positions through his 45 years of service to the company including bookkeeping, operations and general manager before being named President of Abel Oil Company in December of 1986. James enjoyed outdoor activities like fishing, camping and gardening. He also enjoyed going to air shows and had a license as an amateur radio operator which he enjoyed. James loved animals of all kinds and was very supportive of organizations that cared for animals. He especially loved his dogs Red and Pepper.

President   1986-2008

Locally owned and operated in Northeast Missouri:


The Abel brothers came to Louisiana August 1, 1940 when they acquired the Shell Station at Fifth and Georgia Streets from Dutch Akers and Andy Cordes. The first five years were interrupted by World War II, Ray being drafted in 1941, Alfred in 1942, and Charles in 1943.


They retained control of the lease during the war years and on March 1st, 1946 the brothers, now released from the Army, again took over operation of the station. After buying it from the owners it was operated as a Shell Station and Desota Plymouth Agency until 1952 when the car agency was discontinued.


Behind the station was a large wooden structure formerly used as a livery stable. The structure later housed the Dunn & Creamer Oldsmobile Car Agency. This was property acquired in the 1950's and was